The Sweet Treats Series Box Set by Callie Timmins


Short on time? This box set of four small town, bite-sized romances is perfect to binge on! The Write Time For Love, Begin Again, Tastes Like Home, and Sweet, Like You.

The Write Time For Love: Banoffee Pie. I blame that mouth-watering deliciousness on the predicament I find myself in. Or, perhaps it’s my innate desire to have the last word on everything. Either way, I’m late to a work meeting because of an argument over banoffee pie, and as a result, am sent on assignment to write a feature article on a town no one’s heard of. I’m looking forward to a change of scenery and a break from the office. Until my boss informs me that there’s a ten-year reunion for the champion high school football team that he wants me to cover. Um? Hello? What do I know about football? I’m a feature article writer, not a sports reporter. Oh, and apparently, I’m also meant to score an exclusive with Cash Amberry, the star quarterback who went on to play pro. Problem is, he’s been a recluse for a number of years, shunning the spotlight and avoiding the news. Rumor has it that he doesn’t like journalists. This could make for an interesting assignment.


Begin Again: Ten years on, and I still haven’t forgotten the most humiliating moment of my life. Being stood up for prom by the gorgeous linebacker, Austin Barlow, is not something one easily forgets. But I’ve moved on, for the most part. When our ten-year high school reunion rolls around, I’m reluctant to go. After all, what did I ever have in common with anyone who graced the halls of Clear Lake High? I was the tall, geeky wallflower who never fit in. Admittedly, I’m no longer that girl. But I still don’t want to spend time schmoozing with, or trying to prove myself to my former classmates. I’m only going because my BFF begs me. I’m certainly not interested in listening to my alumni boast about how successful they are now. And although I’ve moved on from my first crush, I’m certainly not curious to know if Austin Barlow will be there. I definitely don’t want to know if he’s better looking now than he was a decade ago. Or maybe, I am a little curious. Maybe Austin is an itch that needs scratching. Especially when there’s unfinished business between us.


Tastes Like Home: The bright lights of L.A. have all but faded for actress Mia Delinto. With her name tarnished by a scandal involving her ex-husband, humiliation licking at her heels, and her so-called friends abandoning her, Mia returns to her aunt’s home for the first time in fifteen years, seeking seclusion and solitude. Endless days of clear skies, long walks and swimming in the river provide the perfect remedy for her embarrassment, and also give her the space to gather her thoughts, ignore the media and contemplate her future. She never expected to cross paths with Connor Holland, or discover that the embers of their long-ago summer fling still burn. When an extraordinary opportunity lands in her lap, Mia must decide how long the summer lasts. Are the bright lights and trappings of fame worth it? Or will small-town living be enough?


Sweet, Like You: After a highly successful album and nation-wide tour, Wade Trimble’s management and fans are demanding more. But he’s tired, uninspired and in a writing slump. The country music star hopes that returning to his hometown will give him the inspiration he needs to write his next number one. But becoming engaged to Charlotte “Charlie” Danover on first sight wasn’t part of his plan. The fake arrangement was only meant to be a short term thing after he rescued her from a sticky predicament. He wasn’t counting on the fake arrangement to make headlines. Nor was he counting on inspiration to hit with just one touch from the woman who works at his Grandmother’s candy store. How is he supposed to get out of the mess he’s created, especially when one taste of Charlie’s sweetness is all the inspiration he needs?

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