The Summer Dare by Amanda Shelley


Summers in Seaside meant time with Nana, my sisters and an entire season at the beach.

Nana always took care of everything far in advance, so it shouldn’t be surprising that she’d planned renovations for after she passed.

However she failed to mention said plans to anyone.

So imagine my surprise, when I’m awoken by the blasting sound of a saw practically coming through my wall, the first official morning of summer break.

Not only did I come flying out of bed swinging, but I gave Ryan, the unsuspecting carpenter the surprise of his life, when I came wielding my killer coat hanger and all. Too bad, I was only in a tank and undies and it wasn’t nearly as effective as I’d hoped.

Of course, Ryan insists Nana paid for this project in full and he’s only doing his job.

But my sisters and I must make this summer memorable without Nana. It was her final request. I refuse to let a tall, pesky, sexy as sin, know-it-all get in our way. Nope – not a chance.

For the next few weeks, I do my best to pretend I ignore Ryan – until my youngest sister throws down a dare I can’t back down from.

Kiss the next single guy who walks up to the bonfire – or explain to my sisters why I get riled up over Ryan.

When Ryan suddenly appears, I know I’m screwed in more ways than one.

Not only will my sisters find I’ve been keeping a secret, but from the determined look on Ryan’s face, I’m afraid he’s eager to reveal it to the world as well.

What have I gotten myself into?

As I walk toward him, one thing is certain – this summer dare will either make or break me.

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