The Single Mom Rescue by Jenna Brandt


An ex-Navy Seal used to being alone, a plus-sized single mom struggling to juggle her responsibilities, and a hurricane that brings them together.

Mason Fredericks knows everything there is about water. It’s what makes him the perfect instructor for water rescue at the Disaster City Search and Rescue Academy. Any chance he gets, he spends it in the water. So, when he finally gets a weekend off, he heads to the nearest lake. While fishing, he sees a boy struggling in the water, and he and his K9 partner, Dover, dives in to save him. When he returns the boy to his waiting mother, he can’t help but notice how gorgeous she is.

Being a single mom wasn’t something Carly Webber ever signed up for, but when her husband decided to leave her and their son for another woman, she didn’t have a choice in the matter. It’s taken two years to get to a place where she felt like her head was above water, prompting her to take her son on a weekend getaway to celebrate. When he nearly drowns, she beats herself up for letting it happen. Only the kind words of her son’s handsome rescuer are able to make her see she’s doing a far better job than she’s giving herself credit for. So, when he asks her out on a date, she agrees without hesitation.

Will Mason find a way to make room for a family? Can Carly let go of her past betrayal to find love a second time? And what happens when they get caught in a hurricane together?

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