The Sheriff’s Mail Order Rescue by Karla Gracey


Love is perilous – and that’s before you involve bandits and kidnapping.

After five years of being the town’s sheriff, Matt Hanson is well and truly settled into his life in Iron Creek.

Sure, there are still challenges, like the bandits that are occupying the nearby mountains, but Matt is content with his life in this small town.

But as he hears stories from the local men about the happiness they have found in marriage, Matt begins to wonder if the time has come for him to find a wife and start a family too.

Clara Weston is facing an uncertain future.

Her army captain father has been killed in battle, leaving Clara and her elderly grandmother, Eugenia, alone to fend for themselves. And with her grandmother’s health declining, Clara is living with the weight of the world on her shoulders – but her grandmother isn’t having any of it.

Feisty and tenacious, Eugenia isn’t about to let her granddaughter throw her life away – and so she advertises on Clara’s behalf as a mail-order bride.

Clara is furious when she discovers her grandmother’s plot, but as Matt’s response catches her eye, Clara warms to the idea of marrying a sheriff and starting over in a new town.

Together, Clara and her grandmother set out for Iron Creek. But the journey is long and hard going – and things only get worse as their wagon train crosses paths with a gang of bandits.

Clara can only hope that Matt will come for them before it is too late – but with such a rocky start, what hope will be left for their future together?

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