The Setup by Lara Steele


She’s supposed to be on a date with somebody else, but she can’t help but throw caution to the wind with Derek…

Julia is curvy, sweet, and plans to own a bakery one day. That’s why she’s in school for business, but there’s no harm in looking for a little romance too. That’s why when her good friend Joanne sets her up with a guy she obliges. However, only minutes in she knows he’s a loser.

Julia wants to leave until she meets another guy at the party who she doesn’t realize is off-limits.

Derek is not like other guys. No, really. He listens to what women have to say and can fall hard if given the opportunity, but he’s out of a big breakup that shook his world up. He doesn’t expect to find anyone else to make him feel like that until the shy, curvy girl at the party is flirting with him. He doesn’t know what it is, but he’s hooked.

The problem is, an ex everyone believes he’s meant to be with won’t go away, and everyone keeps trying to push Julia out of the picture. Even Joanne.

Will the two of them get a chance at love, or will they be forced to go their separate ways because of lies and betrayal?

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