The Seal’s Obsession by Sadie King


My skin prickles. My hair stands on end. I’m being watched. Again…

I’m married to my country; the life of a Navy SEAL is a single man’s life. Then I meet Lina…
I can’t give her a normal relationship like she deserves, so it’s better to watch her from afar.
I follow her, collecting intel and building my dossier.
Until she catches me.
We share one passionate weekend together before I’m deployed.
When I return, she’s carrying a surprise that threatens to spin my whole world around…

This July, seventeen of your favorite authors are turning up the heat to scorching with Real Hot SEALS in uniform…and out! The Navy made them tough, but their women make them hard where it counts. They’re big, strong, and good with their… hands.
These stories of hot, growly military alpha heroes are guaranteed to make you sweat!

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