The Romance Writer and the Geek by Pat Adeff


Take your basic wanna-be romance writer – with writer’s block.
Add a non-functioning relationship as well as a frozen laptop.
Stir in one hunky computer geek to try to save the day…

When the small marketing firm where Stacey is employed suddenly closes, the door to her personal dream of becoming a romance writer opens.
Actually, she’s kinda having to pry it open – with a crowbar – and maybe some incendiary devices.
That particular door is proving to be a bit jammed and her savings account cushion is dwindling fast.
When the final straw hits and her computer crashes, another door just might be opening for her in the form of the cute computer geek that rushes to her rescue.
In fact, Stacey and Marc hit it off pretty good – right up until Stacey discovers he has a secret identity.
And what about his ex-fiancée who, for some reason, does not seem to be totally out of the picture.
Although Marc says they are finished, Stacey has a hard time trusting him. She’s been burned before.
Add in the pressure from her mother that Stacey should be more like her older sister – married and with kids – some days it all just seems to be too much to bear.
And leave it to Queeny, Stacey’s cat, to always be where she shouldn’t be, doing what she shouldn’t be doing, and causing more trouble than one cat should be able to cause, even in nine lifetimes.

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