The Reporter’s UNLIKELY Reunion by MaryAnn Clarke


He’s sweet, caring and loyal. She’s independent, ambitious and brave. To Julian, home, family and friends are everything. They’re all he’s got. Ruby’s heart is big enough to encompass the whole world. But she’s all alone.

Julian: Ruby was my universe. She was all I ever wanted. Then she left me in the dark the summer after grad with a shattered heart, all my dreams dead. The only place I’ve seen her face is on the televisions hanging in high-class kitchens around the world, haunting me. On the eve of our tenth high school reunion, she’s suddenly back, and I don’t know why. My hardened heart is cracked open like an egg. Though I never stopped loving her for a moment, how do I know I still want her? I’m not the same man I was then.

Ruby: Ten years ago, I buried the lede when I betrayed the love of my life and abandoned him to pursue my journalism career. Few people know what happened, and Julian isn’t one of them. Burning with ambition, derailed by loss, I left Julian on the farm to travel the world, investigating others’ strife and trouble. Ten eventful years have passed, and I’m finally back in Port Cam. Now I have to tell Julian the truth. After what I’ve been through, I’m not sure what I want or what I’m capable of, but the one thing I need is forgiveness.

Can their ten year high school reunion give these star-crossed lovers the ingredients to re-write their story?

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