The Red Heart by Emily Hussey


Blue skies beckon with a chance to prove herself. The new job in Alice Springs is a start to Kathy’s new career, but she had no idea she was stepping into a dead man’s shoes.

Alex knows the city-slicker is out of her depth as an outback pilot. He’s conflicted between loyalty to a mate, and the increasing attraction to a woman who gives as good as she gets.

Heat comes from unexpected sources, shocking Kathy at how she reacts. Not half as shocked when she realises that she and her aircraft are about to become a pile of crumpled metal. Her heart is about to be smashed to pieces and her first time in love looks like being her last. Disaster has unexpected consequences. Is it too late for Alex to convince Kathy his motivations are genuine?

In the sky, Kathy’s in full command, but on the ground she’s in danger of losing her cool.

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