The Rabbit and The Dragonfly by Charlie Chance


Suspense, action, romance and danger all come together in this groundbreaking thriller series debut. The Rabbit and The Dragonfly masterfully tells the compelling story of Washington DC police officer Vince Lawler and FBI Special Agent Valerie Norton, two reunited lovers that are tasked with investigating a former mafia boss who has become an influential politician and is running for the presidency in a post 9/11 America. The protagonists not only have to race against time, but along the way must deal with the reality of their six year separation that has its own set of challenges. Together, the pair become stronger in their relationship and discover the risks and rewards of their partnership as they get deeper into a dangerous case of national importance and high stakes. Along the way, Vince and Valerie will find out just what they are made of and will be pushed to their limits. With everything on the line, the lovers combine all resources and put the past away for the sake of national security.

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