The Professor’s Sweet Virgin by Penelope Wylde


He’s totally off-limits but that’s where all the fun begins.


We all know the rules. No touching, no kissing, and definitely no f**king the professors. But no one ever said I couldn’t strip my virgin body for the totally hands off, utterly delicious dean. Right?

During the day we pretend he’s nothing more than the dean of my university and me just another honey-eyed brunette student. When nighttime rolls around, I’m the virgin stripper on stage making us both hot and wild for one another.

But it’s not all peaches and cream. When financial problems strike and I’m left homeless and with no way to pay my tuition, the dominant, always-in-control blue-eyed dean steps in to help. But he’s no hero and I’m no swooning damsel.

What we have is raw, unfiltered and…wrong?

When he walks me through his front door we’re both in trouble, because it’s only a matter of time before his control snaps and the real fun begins between the dean and his forbidden student.

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