The Problem with Dating Sebastian Riggs by Amy Oliveira


He’s forbidden.

Sebastian Riggs is the star of the reality show Love Makeover, and the man I can’t fall for.

This is a new season and twelve hopeful women battle for the heart of one man. And the man in question seems only interested in me: his producer.

Sebastian couldn’t have worse timing. I need this job and I’m fighting for a promotion.

I always thought I was just reliable Callie Sosa, working non-stop with no time for friends, let alone a lover.

Now, America’s most eligible bachelor is after me and he’s serious about it. He won’t stop until he gets his prize.

I can’t give up on my dreams for a man off limits.

He has a contract with the network.

He’s just part of the job.

I count my excuses in one hand. But in the end, Sebastian is going for what he wants. And all that he wants is… me.

And if I’m honest… I want him to choose me, too.

This might be wrong, break television and end my career, but still… I. CAN’T. STOP. IT.

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