The Playboy and the SWAT Princess by Tess Summers


Maddie Monroe

Three things you should not do when you’re a rookie and the only female on the SDPD SWAT Team… 1) Take your hazing personally, 2) Let them see you sweat, and 3) Fall for your captain.

Especially, when your captain is the biggest playboy on the entire police force.

I’ve managed to follow rules one and two with no problem… but the third one I’m having a little more trouble with. Every time he smiles that sinful smile or folds his muscular arms when explaining a new technique or walks through the station full of swagger….

All I can think about is how I’d like to give him my V-card, giftwrapped with a big red bow on it, which is such a bad idea because out of Rules One, Two, and Three, breaking the third one is a sure-fire way to get me kicked off the team and writing parking tickets for the rest of my career.

Apparently my heart—and other body parts—didn’t get the memo.


Craig Baxter

The first time I noticed Maddie Monroe, she was wet and covered in soapy suds as she washed SWAT’s armored truck as part of her hazing ritual. I’ve been hard for her ever since.

I can’t sleep with a subordinate—it would be career suicide, and I’ve worked too damn hard to get where I am today. Come to think of it, so has she, and she’d probably have a lot more to lose.

So, nope, not messing around with Maddie Monroe. There’s plenty of women for me to choose from who don’t work for me.

Apparently my heart—and other body parts—didn’t get the memo.

Can two hearts—and other body parts—overcome missed memos and find a way to be together without career-ending consequences?

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