The Order by Angel Lawson


Sacrifices—that’s what females make to live in Serendee—an urban utopia. We give up our family, our choices, our bodies.

Some people call it a cult, but they don’t understand. We give it our all, and in return, Serendee gives back by providing a safe, idyllic home.

Starting with The Order, a marriage arranged by the leader of Serendee to the male of his choice.

I don’t expect the perfect mate, but when I’m matched with Rex—the rebellious, handsome, and destructive heir of Serendee, I’m stunned.

Until I find out why I’ve been chosen.

Rex doesn’t want me, but his father will do anything to keep his son in line, including having his three best friend’s train me to be the perfect mate, in and out of bed.

Elon, Silas, and Levi will test my beliefs, my faith, and every ounce of loyalty I have to Serendee.

What I don’t understand is that Rex’s goal is to break free.

But first, he’ll have to break me to make it happen.

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