The Nobility Book 1 by Summer Rose


In a small town called Swanford lies a society controlled by a Duke who seems to have forgotten his duties. In the same town, there is a love story brewing – an ambitious Rowan, a twenty-four-year-old guy has his heart set for Cedany but cannot be with her in public… yet.

Why is Sanford backward? Why is it hard for Rowan to be with Cedany?

If these two instances do not show the extent of struggle in Sanford, Rowan has a nemesis who is a huge barrier to Rowan’s plans of owning a smithy in the same town.

Why can’t Rowan own his own smithy? What step does he take to achieve this goal?

The politics, drama, resentment, neglect, and romance depicted in Book 1 of The Nobility will make you read it twice! No one wants to be left behind – even the clergy; Father Lankfred vows to purify the town even if it means burning it to the ground to do so.

What is so special about Sanford that everyone wants a piece of it?

If you have been looking for a tale that will keep you glued to your seat as it walks you through the traditional epic set-up where horses, kingdoms, and dukes were a norm, then look no further; you have just found it.

This addictive epic adventure is the first book of five – you will not regret reading it!

Watch out, this is just the beginning of The Nobility…

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New Adult

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