The Nature of Love by Jenna West


She was the biggest regret of his life. But can she see past the boy he was to the man he’s become?

Fallen trees, windstorms, angry ranchers; none of it has been enough to scare me off. I may have lived a lonely life, but now I’m a fearless park owner, and there’s nothing that I can’t handle. Until my old high school bully Colter Walker shows up at the park to volunteer.

It’s not that he scares me, but my electric reaction to the hunky cowboy and his brand-new attitude does. Is he the new and improved Colt he claims to be, or am I just lonely?

I had treated her terribly in high school, and I would have avoided her my entire life. Now that I’m with her, I feel like I need to explain. But will Madi listen? If I get my way it isn’t just an apology I’ll show Madi, but the nature of love itself.

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