The Middle Road by K.G. Reuss & C.M. Lally


Sometimes it takes dying to remember to live. 

Carter: I’ve always had it all–notoriety, fortune, any woman I want. Yet, I’ve never lived. Wanting to make my last days count, I set out on a cross-country trip. The last thing I expect to find is the woman of my dreams. I’ve always been the love ’em and leave ’em type. Not this time. How do I tell the woman I love that our future isn’t a guarantee without ruining what’s left of our final days?

Teddy: Music is my life. Holed up in some small apartment in Nashville with a man who keeps playing me like a guitar isn’t how my life is supposed to be. In my darkest hour, an angel arrives to save me. He promises to take me anywhere I want to go. I never expected love to be a stop on the map. But something isn’t right. He’s keeping secrets. Will those secrets mean the end of the road for us?

The Middle Road is a full-length, standalone, medical romance novel that’ll take hold of your heartstrings and not let go. If romances that make you cry are your thing, grab this romantic adventure today for the ride of your life.

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