The Memory of Love by Sophie Bartow


In Swan Harbor, sometimes questions …
are every bit as dangerous as answers …

Sadie and Gray Hunter had their happily ever after—then lost it in a tragic accident. Now, Gray’s left with no memory of the past few years …. or of his loving wife….

Meanwhile, Captain Jack has problems of his own. He knows something is wrong with him. But is the problem with his body, or his mind?

Sheriff Dylan Prince, on the other hand, knows exactly what his problem is. He’s got a serial killer on the loose in his small town, and he won’t rest until the culprit is behind bars.

Can Sadie and Gray find their way back to each other? What does the future hold for Captain Jack? Will Sheriff Prince find the killer, or become the next victim?

Only Swan Harbor knows the answers to those questions…and she’s not telling anyone until she’s ready…

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