The Maverick by Lola West


Everybody talks about Bruno…

Bad boy. Entitled. Spoiled. Words whispered about the wild and distractingly sexy heir to the Difrancos record label. When his parents die unexpectedly, he finds himself not running the company, but instead under the thumb of Ava Childs, the woman he loves to hate.

Everybody loves Ava…

She owes the Difranco family everything. They kept her off the streets and gave her a home. Even their rebellious son took a turn playing her hero, accepting the blame for her mistake. For years, she meant to come clean and tell his parents the truth , but now they’re gone and it’s too late to redeem him in their eyes.

Now they’ll have to work together…

Knowing Bruno will never accept “charity” from the girl who betrayed him, Ava devises a plan to see the company in his rightful hands. She’ll use whatever tricks she can to make it happen. They both want to be free of the other, but working in close proximity reveals just how thin the line between hate and love truly is.

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