The Love Words by Amy Alves


Chloe Caldwell was my nemesis in high school. Or maybe I was hers.
I met Chloe during one of the worst times of my life and she called me out as the troublemaking, mischievous jerk I was. After eight years, she still hates me.
But I’m not some punk kid anymore.
I have a daughter to raise, a life to build. Unfortunately for Chloe, that life is in her hometown. The same small town she left years ago.
Now she’s back and to everyone else, she’s the same delightful, kind-hearted girl.
That’s not the Chloe I get.
No, I get the woman hell-bent on vengeance. Her attempts at putting me in my place only make me want to smack her sweet, sassy backside. I crave her salty attitude and angry jabs.
When our animosity starts affecting my daughter, a truce is formed.
Hot, needy glances slowly replace scathing glares.
Still, I don’t dare hope for more. Even if everything inside me is aching to explore her, possess her—I can’t. Because I know she would want it all. She’d want what I’ve never given to any woman before her.
She’d want all my love words.

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Contemporary Romance

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