The Love Clichés Collection by Emma St. Clair


What happens when best friends promise to share their dating stories–the good, the bad, and the never swipe again–as part of a book on love? A lot of humor, heart, and HEAs.

When Sam (known online as Dr. Love) begs her roommates to help provide stories for her upcoming book, they were all too happy to agree. Mostly because they didn’t think they would HAVE stories. No big deal.

But throughout this series, one by one, Sam’s friends find love with a friend’s brother, a boss, a fake fiancé, a friend, and an enemy. Fall in love with the friendships as much as the leading men in these laugh-out-loud, closed door romantic comedies.

This collection includes five full length novels and one holiday novella: Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin, Falling for Your Boss, Falling for Your Fake Fiancé, Falling for Your Best Friend, Falling for Your Enemy, and The Twelve Holidates.

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