The Italian Son by N.J. Adel


Ravenna: I’m a therapist. He’s a psycho murderer on the run. This Mafia heir used to be my high school crush. Now he’s my kidnapper and tormenter. I’m his escape plan, and he’s the past I can never escape.

Leo: I am the villain, the psycho, the monster. And I’m obsessed with the woman that shattered me to pieces and married my father. He’s left me to pay for all his mistakes with blood, pain, loneliness and heartache while he lives like a king and gets the girl. MY GIRL. But another woman I never expected to see again turns my world upside down. With secrets and lies. War is in order. Sins of the father never die. I’ll fight to the last drop of my blood, but I vow I won’t be the only one bleeding. The finale is here. Are you ready?

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