The Hate Zone by Gigi Blume


January Madison: My life has turned into a three-ring circus. My ex is tweeting for attention, my bodyguard is a psycho, the internet wants to burn me at the stake, and my dad’s a control freak. So when I meet my new driver Enrique, I revert back to my reality show persona. And inadvertently start a prank war with him. I want to say I’m winning, but he’s a master of strategy with his sly games and miles of muscles to distract me. I’ve never met anyone as infuriating as Enrique Precio. So why do I feel like I’m falling for him?


Enrique Precio: There are three things I’ve learned about socialite January Madison… 1: She’s the most spoiled woman I’ve ever known. 2: She’s gorgeous and isn’t afraid to use it to her advantage. 3: Sometimes she looks at me like I’m the first donut after a 7-day juice detox. What I don’t want to learn is why my whole body reacts to her sparring like I just guzzled five shots of espresso, or why I’m starting to get a little too much pleasure from her smart alec jabs. And when she exposes the tiniest crack in her facade, I’m beginning to see there’s more to this poor little rich girl than meets the eye.

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