The French Duke Scandal by Gillian Wittering


Lucien nudged his horse sideways, so that their knees touched for the briefest of moments, just short enough that neither the lady’s maid or valet could claim it was intentional, and a desire to reach out and touch his leg shot through Jennie.
And with that briefest of contact, she started to hunger for physical touch again, and as they rode on, in the back of her mind, thoughts of Jack’s hands on her skin had taken residence.

In the sweltering heatwave of 1814, the Duke of Dewmont’s eldest daughter, Jennie Ashford, finds herself pushing the boundaries of propriety – not with a suitable match, but with Jack Pachett, her father’s Head Groom, and her first love.
But her world shatters when her father announces that she must marry the heir to his dukedom to secure her future, a French man who she has never met, Lucien Bombeau.

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