The Fiery Vixen by Laura A. Barnes


Sometimes one must spark the flame to ignite the hidden passion.

A fiery spinster. An irritating gentleman. One scandalous night filled with indulging in their desires.

Eden Worthington strode through the London ballrooms with the confidence of an independent lady. She didn’t believe in the foolish notion of soul mates, nor did she wish to fall victim to the Marriage Mart. Eden was perfectly content to live her life free from a husband’s demands and help her brother with his detective agency. She refused to allow the attraction of a certain infuriating gentleman to ruin her plans. No matter how much she craved his lips upon hers. However, after an evening spent in decadent sin with the irresistible marquess, Eden was powerless to resist her fate. Could Eden open her heart to the love within her grasp?

Victor Falcone wanted his freedom to be his own man, not one controlled by others. He spent the past few years redeeming for his sins. Now he only wanted to secure himself a bride to ease his loneliness. But first he must finish his final mission to destroy the villain terrorizing England. However, he found himself distracted by a lady who only ever snarled at him. A snarl he wished to kiss away. When Victor gave into the temptation of his desire for Eden, he discovered their hostility was really a hidden passion waiting to be explored. Could he put his arrogance to the side to show Eden how they are soul mates?

A lady who hides behind her snarls. A gentleman who uses his smirks to annoy. Would they forgo their differences to discover an untamed passion filled with undeniable love? Or would they continue to hold contempt for one another?

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