The Experiment by Amy Alves


My new neighbor is an obnoxiously attractive, perpetual bachelor with startling commitment issues. And I just agreed to be his fake girlfriend.

As a socially awkward hot mess, I knew moving to a small town full of nosy, quirky residents wasn’t going to be easy. But finding someone to help discreetly reintroduce me to the dating world—that seemed nearly impossible.

Then I met Jess Caldwell.
The hot man next door with the panty-melting green eyes was the perfect relationship coach candidate.
Except he couldn’t have been less interested in the position.

Until I sweetened the deal.

In return for being my dating coach, I’d pretend to be his girlfriend to appease his family. They want him to fall in love, settle down, and be happy—all things he’s avoided since breaking up with his ex-fiancée.

It was the perfect arrangement.

Until I realized that while I can look at his glistening runner’s body every morning, I can’t touch. I can’t climb him like a tree or press my eager body to his.

And I definitely can’t let my love-deprived heart fall for a man who is quickly making me feel everything.

We have rules.
And an expiration date.

But then he shoots me one of those smoldering looks and I wonder if maybe, just maybe, he’s fallen for me too.

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