The Duke and the Debutante by Katherine Ann Madison


He’s too rough and grumpy for someone as delicate as her…

As a duke, he’ll have to marry and make an heir. There’s no question about that. But he’s little patience for games and even less for courting. He’s busy and besides, he’ll not allow a few scheming biddies to dictate his future.

Which is why he sneaks into the kitchen of his aunt’s house rather than entering through the front door. He’ll show them… But his attempts to foil their plans send him crashing, literally, into Lady Evelyn.

Even he can’t deny that Evie is far more interesting than most. Between her sweet nature and gentle smiles, he’s beginning to wonder if she’s exactly the sort of woman who might soften his hard edges and melt his frozen heart…

She’ll never be the debutante they want…

Despite her beauty, Lady Evelyn, Evie, has never been enough. Not for her mother, not for the rest of society either. Which is why she’s hiding in the kitchen when the most distinguished and available guest arrives, The Duke of Wingate. It’s not as though she has a chance no matter how many match making schemes her mother and his aunt can cook up. Why would one of the most powerful men in England want her?

But the interest in his gaze flusters her beyond measure. Could this be the moment her fate changes and her dreams come true?

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