The Don’s Dilemma by Carprice Langden


As head of one of the East Coast’s most profitable crime families, I keep my real family close…and my enemies even closer.

Outside forces tried to take down my organization, but they failed.

Then they tried to take down my family and they were going to pay. I flushed out the man I thought was behind it all, only to fall in love with his sister.

Suzanne’s sweetness was more than I could resist. One look into her eyes, and I condemned myself for the crimes I was about to commit. I couldn’t bring an innocent woman into the carnage of those who wronged the name “Calegari.”

I left her to fight her battles on her own. I regretted every second away from her. Now I must admit I was wrong about who was behind it all.

My name is Gabriel Calegari. Now I have to make it right, not just for my family but for Suzanne.

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