The Demon in Me by Stefanie Dawn


What do you do when you leave hell and plan on living it up on earth?

Obviously, you embrace it and become the absolute poster child of a rich bachelor—penthouse apartment, partying, womanizing.

Having worked myself to a position where money is no longer a concern, I unleash my inner demon by indulging in every earthly delight.

That was until she came into my life.

Charlotte is beautiful, but that isn’t what draws me to her. Something about her is a compulsion I can’t resist, a stimulant that awakens the demon within.

Seeing the darkness behind my eyes, Charlotte doesn’t run but instead presses to know more. She can play all my games, but I know she aches for my touch. She resists the attraction out of fear of losing her job, her reputation, and herself to this mysterious allure that draws us together.

Then there is that ever-present intrigue lingering under her skin. A buried truth I’m sure I can solve if I can have her with me.

Under me.

So, what’s a demon to do?

Can Frank convince Charlotte to give in to dark temptation?
Or will she become the one earthly pleasure he can never indulge in?

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