The Crease by Colleen Charles


She fits me like hand in glove… my glove.

The moment I met Kylie Rose not crying over spilled beer I was gone. Long gone. She intrigues me – from her pink hair to her vintage Converse sneakers.

I’m the most badass goalie the NHL has ever seen and my save percentage is inspiring. Almost as impressive as my chiseled body and ahem… other huge assets.

I can snag any explosive rebound, any one-timer from the point and anything else that flies my way.

For the first time in a long time, I’m having fun. Rock climbing. Check. Naughty times after a Segway date. Check check.

Naked yoga before we’ve even held hands? Triple check.

But she’s been hiding something from me. She has a secret that threatens to destroy us both. Even worse than the one I’m holding close to my massive pads.

So the superstar goalie is actually afraid. Because if either of those secrets see the light of day, it’s over.


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