The Cowboy’s Angel by Mia Brody


Can this cowboy single dad with a baby find love with his new mail order bride?


No one buys this much chicken feed. But no matter how many times River Scott shows up at the feed store, he never asks me out. The cowboy single dad is grumpy, hard-working, and a devoted father to his baby daughter. One look at him and I know we’re meant to be.

When I hear his late grandfather has arranged for him to select a mail order bride, I realize I’m about to lose my chance. So I do the only thing I can think of. I apply to be a bride too.

I didn’t expect that applying would unleash this angry, possessive side to River. Or that it would prompt him to march me to the courthouse the very next day.

Now that we’re married, will my new husband open his heart to me and give me the family I’ve always wanted?


Mallory is as sweet and innocent as an angel. That’s why I keep showing up to the feed store to watch over her. It has nothing to do with her beautiful smile and generous curves. I’m just looking out for her.

Then I hear she’s trying to become a mail order bride and I see red. She doesn’t deserve some idiot cowboy who won’t appreciate her. So I do the only thing I can think of. I drag her to the courthouse and put my ring on her finger.

I didn’t expect that having her in my house and my bed would unleash a primal side of me that demands I claim my new bride in every way. But will a damaged cowboy like me break the heart of his curvy woman?

If you love a steamy cowboy single dad with tattoos and a dark past, then it’s time to meet River in The Cowboy’s Angel.

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