The Courtship of the Glen by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple


What happens when we meet the person who changes us completely?

One day soon, Colin will be Laird of Clan MacLeod and father to Ewan MacLeod. But today, he is a hot-headed young man in the Scottish Highlands, trying to prove himself to his father. Until he meets a mysterious lady who changes his life.

Caitir’s young life has mostly focused on her time with her grandmother, making and selling herbals at the village market. Considered a true highland beauty, she hopes one day to wed well so her grandmother can stop worrying about her. Life for a lass in the Scottish Highlands can be a dangerous proposition, after all.

A chance encounter and a fight over a rabbit, and Laird-to-be Colin is smitten with the dark-haired lass. And when he discovers she can temper his rash behavior and help him become the man, the Laird, he strives to be, Colin will do anything to have her.

But when another man tries to claim her as his own by force, will their unlikely bond prove strong enough or will they lose the love they’ve just found?

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