The Comeback by Erica Frost


I won’t let the quarterback break my heart a second time.

I gave Callum my heart, thinking we were college sweethearts meant for each other.
But once he got on the football team, he dumped me.

Callum is a cruel heartbreaker.
A bad boy who only cares about himself.

When I come across this jerk again, he flirts with me shamelessly.
Wrongfully believing that being the quarterback makes him irresistible.
But I won’t make the same mistake.

He’s not getting a second chance from me.
No matter how hot he looks in his football jersey.
He can flex his muscles and flash his winning smile, all he wants.
I’m not letting him anywhere near me.

But Callum won’t stop pursuing me.
And when I receive terrible news, he’s right by my side.

Is it possible that Callum has changed?
Or is he playing the same old game with me?

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