The Brat Tamers by Kameron Claire


I’m the bad twin, the loud one, the one dancing on the tables while my critics condemn me. My family rarely knows where I am, much less what kind of trouble I’m starting, which has left me a lonely shell that I fill with my antics.

My sister is my polar opposite in every way. Quiet and in the shadows—she has everyone convinced she’s the good twin, but I know better.

So, when she is kidnapped, my parents hire a security team—three hot guys who don’t find my antics cute in the slightest—and suddenly, I want to be the good twin.

I want their attention.

I want their discipline.

I want to be under their control.

A billionaire hired us to secure and protect his twenty-two-year-old daughter, who is the identical twin of a high-profile kidnapping. As it turns out, our charge—the social media influencer herself—was the intended victim. We’re hundreds of miles away in a secluded cabin that is off the grid, which means our princess has no access to her phone, the internet, or her legion of social media followers.

She’s bored, she’s bratty, and she’s begging to be put over our knees and spanked.

Unfortunately, she’s also everything our domineering hearts crave—the one woman who speaks to our primal need to tame her into the perfect little submissive. If this security detail only lasted a few days, we could ignore her antics and control our needs—but as the days spread into weeks and she ups the ante to include endangering herself, we can no longer avoid what is in front of us.

This brat needs to be tamed.

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