The Brantons by Bonnie Edwards


Three fun, steamy romances about lost love returned, new love found and brand new chances for first loves.

The Brantons have had some peculiar twists in their love lives…but look out! Love hasn’t given up on them yet!


Body Work: Tyce and Lisa – A second chance on first love romance

Lisa Brady Delaney left Tyce Branton and the trailer park where they grew up in her rear view mirror. Years later, he’s the only one who can help her keep an important promise. Will love bring these two together again?

Tyce hates that he wants Lisa again at first sight, but can he keep his hands off when he’s a hands-on kind of man? Now, she’s an independent beauty who will never need him again.


Slow Hand: Teri and Jared—A runaway bride learns what she really needs

Leaving behind a wintry New York, stressed-out bride Teri Branton is determined to get the Caribbean honeymoon cruise she paid for — even without the groom!

Laidback Captain Jared MacKay instantly dislikes Teri’s stiletto heels and New York attitude. Until he touches her and he knows he’s doomed by love at first touch…the MacKay curse.

Jared and Teri have one short week under the sultry Caribbean sun. Will Jared’s slow hand lead Teri beyond torrid sex into a lifetime of love?


Whole Lot o’ Love: Ashlee and Brick—A single mom gets another chance at love

Ashlee Branton’s lottery win is giving her and her son a new, settled life back home. Except returning home means facing Cory’s father, Brick Harcourt in a most unsettling way.

But Ashlee has two pasts now, one with Brick and one with an ex who wants to crash their reunion. Will she run again or stay and sacrifice money for love?

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