The Boy I Shouldn’t Want by Stephanie Rose


It was supposed to be simple—dinner with my best friend’s little brother as a favor. No big deal, right?


That lanky boy I remember from our college graduation is nowhere to be found. When I meet him at his sister’s apartment, I’m facing a sexy, broad-shouldered, absolutely gorgeous man. And we’re supposed to spend the evening together. Maybe have a drink. And then go home. Separately.

Instead, I take Mason home. And although he’s moved halfway across the country, we’ve spoken every day since. He’s never let me forget the amazing night we shared—the night that never should have happened.

As if I ever could.

Fast forward a few months to a trip out west to a music festival—my surprise gift for my bestie’s birthday. But apparently, this trip isn’t the only surprise this weekend.

Mason is here. He still wants more—he still wants me. His sister has no idea that her little brother and I have become…something. Something I’ve spent months running from. Something I can’t deny.

I’ve fallen for my best friend’s little brother.

But how do I make my head and my heart stop feeling like he’s the boy I shouldn’t want?

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