The Blackbird Anthology by Dahlia Donovan


When a group of lonely shifters came together during their service with the Royal marines, they never imagined the strong pack that would develop between them. Channeling their special operative training, they built a security firm with two alpha wolves at the head of a motley crew of shifters not known for playing well together.

They’ve lived their lives as outcasts from their own individual species of shifters choosing to form a family with each other instead. Until Now. Follow the Blackbird pack as they fall victim to love one by one.

Can they guard their own hearts?
The Blackbird Anthology is the complete Blackbird series containing: Ivy, Natasha, Masquerade, Alicia, Twelve Days, Lorcan, and Under Fire.For Elaine’s story, check out The Misguided Confession, published separately from the anthology.

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