The Billionaire’s Big Gamble by Breezie Bennett


One billionaire bad boy in search of a short-term girlfriend to close a major business deal. One analytical relationship coach looking for a test subject to prove her dating theories. He makes a bet with her that he’ll never fall in love…and it just might be the wildest gamble of his life.

Jayson Vice: When I find out I have the chance to buy a landmark casino in Las Vegas, I plan to close the deal for the Vice empire. But the owners are dead set on selling to a couple, so I need to find myself a serious girlfriend, and fast. Only problem is…I don’t do serious. But then I meet Haley Ambrose, a relationship expert who wants to turn me into a month-long experiment to test her “fool proof” techniques. I’m willing to bet that I’m not the fool who’ll fall in love, but this Love Doctor has some steamy strategies. Before I can even get her to Vegas, I’m starting to worry that with this woman? All bets are off.

Haley Ambrose: As a relationship expert, I can spot a commitment-phobe across any crowded bar, and I tell my clients to run far and fast. But some ladies just can’t resist a challenge, so I’ve been working on a guaranteed approach to reel in the most elusive catches on the dating scene.  But I need to test the hypothesis that I can make any man fall in love. Then Jayson Vice lands in my lap and confesses he needs a temporary girlfriend, and I know I’ve found a sexy subject for my research. But I never expected the experiment to backfire and now I might lose a bet…and my heart.

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