The Billionaire’s Back-Up Wife by Kaylee Monroe


Most eligible billionaire bachelor is looking for a wife . . .

When my father locked down my trust fund until I found a wife, my brother thought it would be funny to add my profile to a new matchmaking app that caused me nothing but headaches and frustration. Romance gave me hives and I had every reason NOT to believe in love, but as a billionaire, and the city’s most eligible bachelor that every woman wanted, I’d now become the face of ForeverLuv.

Yes, a frenzy ensued, and I had no time or patience for the insanity.

Deleting my profile proved impossible, so I paid a visit to the woman who owned the business and demanded she remove me. I didn’t expect her to stand up to me and flat-out refuse . . . I was a man used to snapping his fingers and people jumping to obey, but this vixen didn’t budge—because I was the reason why her waning business was now thriving, and it wasn’t her fault that my idiot brother pulled the prank.

So that’s when I struck a deal with the curvy, sexy matchmaker . . . find me a suitable, compatible wife in one week’s time so I could recover my trust fund, and I’d invest in her barely surviving software company. Fail to find me a bride to meet my standards, and she’d have to stand in as my back-up wife.

I swore I’d never fall in love . . . but then again, I’d never met a woman like Felicity Wright. It only took me a string of disastrous dates to figure it out.

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