The Billionaire at the Door by Jenna McCall


He’s her boss. Her very rich, very straight-laced, very professional boss. She has no business imagining him at all, much less naked. But then their work calls turn hot and steamy and everything changes. With his husky voice in her ear, she’s suddenly sharing her deepest fantasies. Now he wants to take their midnight phone calls into real life. She just hopes she’s up for his challenge.

She’s his employee, but that doesn’t stop him from crossing the line. She is everything he could ever want in a woman: clever, caring, intelligent, and wrapped up in a gorgeous package. One he can’t wait to unwrap. He flies her to Vegas, to a weekend designed to explore their attraction. But attraction leads to deeper feelings and he didn’t earn his billions without knowing when to go all in. He can fulfill her every fantasy, but he wants so much more.

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