The Billionaire and the Bartender by Angel Devlin



The things you do when you’ve had too much scotch:
Make a wager with your friends that you’ll find a woman by Christmas. One who’ll be happy to sit at home knowing your work entails being at a private members club or the adult movie company you own.

Even better, you find your perfect woman. But she breaks your own rule – no relationships with staff. So Lori’s off-limits, right? Her being one of the movie actresses and a bartender at the club.

I find it doesn’t matter anyway, because she only dates women. Can someone tell my heart that she’ll never be mine?


I panicked and told him I only dated women.

Now he wants me to be his girl best friend forever and help him get a woman so he wins his stupid bet.
I’m not ready for a relationship, I have a career to save up for. So why am I trying to ruin every date he gets?

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