The Bet by Emma Nichols


It Seemed Like A Simple Bet, But It Changed Everything
After a lifetime of bets with his best friends, he made the one bet that would change his life forever. It seemed simple enough. Get married. Make it last. Win a car.

He’s A Billionaire That Has It All…
He didn’t even care about winning. What does a billionaire bachelor need with a car? He was living a charmed life. Why would He need bragging rights? He was cool and confident. Bragging was not his style. As far as he was concerned, he wasn’t even one of the players. This was all about helping a friend heal.

Then He Met Her…
He forgot all about the damn bet the moment he laid eyes on Kate. From then on all he wanted was to kiss Kate, have Kate, marry Kate. Of course, he never considered what he could lose if he won the bet.

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