The Bear’s Midlife Mate by Haley Weir


She left the corporate world to find herself. She didn’t expect to find him.


I gave it all up. My nice apartment, my expensive car, my fancy job. At thirty-nine, I made the scariest decision of my life.

I left my city comforts, bought a van, and went into the forest.

Goodbye, food deliveries. Hello, midlife crisis.

Living off-grid isn’t exactly a picnic. After one or twenty foraging mishaps, I get help from a grizzly mountain man with strapping arms and a brooding, golden gaze.

There’s a spark between us. But he’s keeping a secret. I can feel it.

Before I can pry answers from his muscled hands, our worlds collide in a big way. My ex-boss is planning to level the forest to put up luxury high-rises.

It’s up to me to stop him.


She’s a thorn in my paw.

As the leader of my clan of bear shifters, it’s my job to keep us safe and secret from the prying eyes of humans.

Humans are destructive. Dangerous. The city-scum trying to tear down our campgrounds is proof of that.

So why can’t I stay away from her?

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