The Baron and the Bluestocking by Katherine Ann Madison


She’ll do anything to avoid marriage…anything…

Even climb from a second story balcony and onto the top of a trellis. All right. Perhaps that was a bit too far, especially considering Lady Matilda winds up stuck. But why does it have to be him that rescues her? Her brother’s best friend the Baron Greenburg has always disapproved of her behavior. This is just one more example of how imperfect she truly is.

He just wants a simple life…

And Lady Matilda is anything but simple. Tillie brims over with life, love, and intelligence. In fact, she’s been making a fool of him since childhood. But this time around, it’s her who looks silly and him that manages the dashing rescue. And when he holds her in his arms…

Is it possible that their many battles were a prelude to romance?

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