The Bachelorette Rescue by Jo Grafford


The boy next door who’s secretly in love with his best friend and the blizzard that forces them to face what their hearts truly want for Christmas…

Garek Borden turns down a big career opportunity to become his best friend’s business partner. He’s ready to take their relationship to the next level, and he’s hoping the holidays will sprinkle a little extra magic on his plans to ask her on a first date.

Reese Summerville (a confirmed bachelorette) jumps on an invitation to film the next season of her survivalist show in her rural hometown. Though she’s thrilled when Garek agrees to join her, she’s a little nervous about what his commitment to her show — and to her — means for their future. Though she’s married to her career, his friendship is something she can’t bear the thought of losing…ever!

When a horrific storm sends them scrambling for shelter, she’s suddenly not so sure she’ll make it off the mountain with her single status intact.

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