The Angel in Her by Stefanie Dawn


Her name is Evie, and believe me, the connotations of that name are not lost on me.

Before we met, I saw her naked.
I didn’t mean to.
I was simply trying to check on her, as I had with many others in the city.

Yes, I should have looked away and not studied the scars that riddled her body. I shouldn’t have wanted to touch her as much as I did, nor to have my legs weaken when I was faced with that choice.
And I definitely shouldn’t have taken out my rage on the man that hurt her.

There are a lot of things I should have done differently.

Do not kill.
Do not give in to earthly temptations.
None of it was easy with her, and I would break all the rules if it meant I could touch her again.

I was supposed to be rescuing her, caring for her, and showing her the way to a better life. Not thinking about how soft her skin was or how she would feel under my fingers, my tongue.
How she would taste…

These were dangerous thoughts for a man to have.
These thoughts were even more dangerous for an angel to have.

I am Zaqiel, and if I am to fall, it will be because of her.

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