Test Drive by Ines Johnson


He’s the wrong turn her perfect life needed.

All my life, I’ve never taken a wrong turn, until I get lost dropping off a classmate on the wrong side of town. To make matters worse, I blow a tire and am surrounded by a group of gorgeous, hot street racers. They offer to help me out with my car…for a price.

It’s not currency that Hawk, the leader of the Watchers Crew, wants. He wants to sink his claws into my sweet, untouched flesh. He’s big and brash with a filthy tongue that says wicked things while the boys of his crew stand by and watch.

I set my mouth to tell him no, but a moment later I’m screaming yes, Yes, YES.

After a wild ride beyond any wet dream, I must decide; will I go back to my old life which was planned out, safe, and orderly? Or will I take the wrong turn my perfect life needed with a man who sets my heart aflame?

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