Tempted with You by E.H. Lyon


Nate Kade is the sexy former hockey player who has never been so tempted…

I’m many things—former sports star, owner of the successful bar Matchbox—and there’s no shortage of women willing to warm my bed for the night either. Everyone around me is settling down, but that’s just not my style. No, I prefer against-the-door activities with a woman I’ve just met. But I should probably pay attention to details. Because that one-night-stand beauty?

Turns out she’s my business partner and friend’s newfound sister—oops.

Melanie is ten years younger, just discovered she has an overprotective brother, and is new to town. Not only is Melanie my new next-door neighbor, but she seems to be turning up everywhere—including the ice rink where she also skates. I make it clear that our one night will not be getting a repeat, but she isn’t entirely on board with my policy. And I’m finding it hard to resist a second round. In fact, I may just be beginning to realize that I may finally be tempted to have it all with someone.

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