Tempted by a Vampire by Sophie Slade


Newly divorced, I wasn’t interested in jumping into a new relationship.

Then I saw him, Lance Steel, owner of the exclusive Caprice Casino and Club Moroii.

He was exciting and adventurous with sinful good looks, reeked of danger, and turned my world upside down.

Then Lance swept me away for the most erotic weekend of my life… and I discovered that he was a vampire.

He brought me into his world, fraught with blood, sex, and booze, and treated me like a queen.

When my world crumbled around me, Lance was there to help me pick up the pieces.

But now I’m craving blood, and people are dying.

Even though I should stay away, he’s just too tempting.

But can I walk away? And if I could, do I even want to?

Or will Lance Steel, and my association with him, be the death of me?


Triggers: No cheating, but contains steamy sex, blood, and vampires. 18+
Note: The books in this series should be read in order and end on cliffhangers.

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