Teased by my Roommate by Haley Travis


When I ran away to another city to rebuild my life on my own, I moved into a loft with two roommates. One was rarely there, and the other sublet their room to a weird, cocky tattoo artist named Hawk. A breathtaking, sexy man who was so gorgeous that I could barely look him in the eyes, much less…well, what I just saw walking out of the shower.

I just know he’s going to tease me about it every day until I die of embarrassment.

Unless I decide to do something about it.

I’m trying to take control of my life. Why shouldn’t I test the waters with a hot beast of a man who treats me like a little angel? Except it wouldn’t be just a fling. This rough, powerful guy already seems obsessed with me. Hawk could be the one, except I could never tell him where I came from, or the “designer baggage” that comes with me.

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